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YSTEM + A Entrepreneur Mission:

As the world is fast progressing towards new centuries,  YSTEM + a Entrepreneur mission aims to provide future generation youth with new innovations and abilities to think critically with STEM + A educational model. To emphasis, our model will integrate engineering, technology, creative approaches to real-world problems, and entrepreneurship; to prepare students for all possible future circumstances. 

What is STEM + A Education Model

The STEM + A is an education policy or model consisting of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; in which, Art is added to encourage students to apply creativity to design principles, and solve solutions with entrepreneur mindset e.g. Digital Art, 3D Design, and 3D Modeling.


Digital Artist

Entrepreneur Camp

Digital Maker

International Trip

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Program Info 

Jr: 9-12 years old | Sr: 12-18 years old 
Young Electronics Camp 

Young Electronics Camp with aims to strengthen the youth’s learning experience in basic concept and method of electricity and electronic system...

Young Scientist Camp

 Young Scientist Camp  aims to enhance the youth’s self-learning experience and positive point-of-view in science education through the interesting and up-to-date scientific activities...

Junior Science Adventure Program
Penang Malaysia 15 days

Activity that promotes, and encourages youth to further understand the process of integrated science; by using science experiment activities & varieties of natural/environmental activities designed to raise our youth capabilities...

Taiwan STEM Explorer Program
Kao Hsiung 14 Days

The STEM Explorer Program is an activity to promote and encourage youth to have a better vision and understanding the importance of science and technology...

Taiwan STEM Explorer Program
Taipei 11 Days

The STEM Explorer Program is an activity to promote and encourage youth to have a better vision and understanding the importance of science and technology...

Young Digital Artist Entrepreneur
Penang Malaysia 15 days

The Young Digital Artist Program at Penang, Malaysia (15 days) is an activitythat promotes, and encourages youth to learn the process of creating media; from the beginning till the end of the process. 

Young STEM & a Entrepreneur Student Exchange Program
Penang Malaysia 15 days 

purpose is to promote and provide opportunities for youth to learn and develop manufacturer skills, to become thinkers, and inventors...

Young Digital Artist Camp for beginner
Thailand Course 

We operate “Young Digital Artist Camp for beginner”with aim to promote the youth’s knowledge and comprehension in digital art...

Innovative STEM Education Camp
Thailand Course

Aim to strengthen the youth’s comprehension and experience in STEM Education, reinforcing their analytical , innovative , problem-solving ...

Young Digital Maker Camp for beginner 
Thailand Course

Aim to promote Digital Mindset to the youth, fulfill with knowledge and comprehension in  programming, electronics circuit and Microcontroller (Arduino)...

Young Game Developer Camp
Thailand Course

Aim to promote the youth’s comprehension in technology usage in creative ways, and to enhance their knowledge and understanding in game developing based on application of art...

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Kids said the program beats their expectations. They have come close to seeing the new world learning and making their own AR (augmented reality), hologram and amplifier. They age seen and learnt so much from the program. They said it was fun. This is what you want your children to learn and what is called “education”. Importantly, it is a chance to develop your children’s soft skill as well. Highly recommended. 

Chutima Woramontri 

Ready to find out more?

Aside of programs that relates to STEM + A, we are constantly developing new programs to educate the new generation and enrich their learning experiences check out the links to get more info

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