Young Scientist Camp

STEM category-Thailand

Short-term course

Junior level


We runYoung Scientist Campwith aim to enhance the youth’s self-learning experience and positive point-of-view in science education through the interesting and up-to-date scientific activities, alongwith encouraging their creativity and public presentation challenges. They 

will obtain both science skill and English proficiency skill from this program.


Course Description

The youthcan learn various scientific activities and know-how in this program, motivating their ability to raise-up questions, find-out answers, study the causes and effects process, and make some observations and experiments.This way of learning also brings inspiration to the youth in scientific invention.


Target Group

This program is appropriate for students age 6-9 years old  ( or in a junior class level of elementary education ) who are interested in science knowledge and activities. This course is taught in Thai language.

Contact Us

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